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The Eternal Fatalist

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13 August
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30's, 80's, a perfect circle, androgyny, anti-cruelty, anti-racism, art, being nice, biking, billy talent, bisexuality, books, boys, brad pitt, braveheart, brian eno, children, christianity, coldplay, collective soul, comics, computers, cooking, david bowie, david usher, depeche mode, depression, drawing, dresden dolls, dungeons & dragons, education, edward scissorhands, evanescence, fantasy, fiction, fight club, final fantasy, finger eleven, five iron frenzy, fraiser, friends, fruits, gaelic, gay rights, girls, godsmack, hamlet, happiness, history, hobbits, homosexuality, html, hugs, iceland, inxs, ireland, jazz, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, k-pax, kevin spacey, labyrinth, literature, live, louis armstrong, love, macbeth, martin tielli, matthew good, matthew good band, mental illness, metric, moist, monty python, morrissey, morrowind, moulin rouge, movies, muppets, music, mythology, nanowrimo, new order, nightmare before christmas, nobuo uematsu, nostalgia, novels, oingo boingo, othello, philosophy, photography, pink floyd, placebo, playwriting, poems, poetry, queen, r.e.m., rain, reading, red hot chili peppers, reel big fish, religion, renaissance, rock n roll, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, romeo and juliet, sarah mclachlan, saved!, science fiction, scotland, scots, sean connery, sexuality, shakespeare, sigur ros, ska, smashing pumpkins, smiles, snow, star trek, stargate, stargate sg-1, stories, sublime, sum 41, system of a down, tea, teaching, techno, the beatles, the cure, the outer limits, the smiths, the tea party, theatre, they might be giants, thunder and lightning, tim burton, tool, trance, twilight zone, vagrant story, voyager, will & grace, winona ryder, writing, xtc, ziggy stardust